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Extra! Extra! Read all about it!....or shall we say WATCH all about it! Kitchen Ambush has partnered with Bo Jackson's Signature Foods to bring you Bo Jackson's Legendary Playbook! A LIVE show surrounding Bo Jackson's line of food products, mystery ingredients, chefs, restaurants, retailers, the Kitchen Ambush team, and the one and only Bo Jackson!  Want to know more?  Want to be part of the LIVE show?  Click on the link below to submit your entry.

Segments include Bo's Grocery Blitz, Bo MEATS Grill, Bo's Home Plate, Bo's Big Catch...

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airing Tuesdays at 1:00p.m. est

The Bo Jackson Signature Foods Test Kitchen with Chef Mark just launched this week! Episode 1 is out and up on social media. Did you see the LIVE episode? Every week Chef Mark will be in the KA kitchen with fellow Host Vanessa Lane to use one of Bo Jackson's products in a unique and creative way. Featuring Bo Jackson's steaks, seafood, and burgers, a lot is about to go down! Airing each week, Chef Mark will inspire us and re-imagine Bo Jackson's food products. Although all of Bo Jackson's line of foods are fantastic and ready to use, Chef Mark will take a fun spin on a new dish each week.  See you every week at Tuesdays at 1PM EST for the next Bo Jackson Signature Foods Test Kitchen Episode. Vanessa can't wait to try each dish!

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